it|venture has acted as a trusted advisor since 2012, providing valuable insights, recommendations and best practices both during and subsequent to their implementation.




  • Provide training for in-house resources.
  • Assess application speed and performance while under load.
  • Provide recommendations on where processes can be improved.
  • Advanced customisation and configuration of the application to support day-to-day business processes.



  • Undertake data migration activities and manage mass-data correction directly via the SQL database.
  • Review, recommend and deliver a scalable reporting infrastructure making use of third party tools (e.g. QlikView).
  • Share technical expertise and product knowledge with in-house resources, as well as keeping them up-to-date with the latest development initiatives.
  • Assessment and monitoring of application speed and performance, implement optimisations where possible. 
  • Refine business processes for efficient use of the application.

Why it|venture?

Our unique technical partner relationship enables us to 'speak the same language' and to both challenge, and promote, vendor recommended solutions. it|venture's connections and high regard with technical experts allow us to work closely to ensure the best solution is implemented for our cliuents.


Our understanding of the clients acquirement of an Infrastructure Funds business and use of the application allowed us to 'hit the ground running' to assist on the integration within their project.