Implementing a Microsoft Azure Data Platform

The Case Study

Who was the client?

We implemented the Microsoft Azure Data Platform for a client that is one of Europe’s leading private debt firms. They provide credit solutions to high-quality and stable companies across Europe and the US.

What did we do?

We were tasked with performing the technical implementation of the platform. This was a multi-layered project that included initial requirements gathering, ETL work, data warehousing and developing Power BI reporting.

The project objectives

Our role in the project was to design and develop an end-to-end data platform implementation using the Microsoft Azure technology stack. This included:


Using Microsoft Azure to automate the extraction of data from PMD system APIs, as well as secure file servers.

SQL data warehouses

Designing and building UAT and Production SQL data warehouses.

Calculation environments

Creating the environment for powerful calculation of metrics, performed within the data warehouse and Power BI.

Power BI reporting

Developing and creating Power BI reports that included Track Records, Investment Pace and Fund performances.

What did we bring to the Microsoft Azure Data Platform implementation project?

Our technical expertise

In data extraction made for smooth handling of data from various sources in different formats (Databases, JSON, CSV, Excel).

Our deep knowledge

Of the Azure Data Factory, Logic App and Function apps enabled complex extraction from different sources, automated error alerts and regular run schedules.

Our intuitive understanding

Of all aspects of the data ecosystem allowed us to work with personnel of varying roles, including business orientated users and IT infrastructure specialists. This made for an efficient implementation process and easy resolution of any minor issues along the way.

Our detailed experience

With APIs allowed us to handle the challenges of the data source’s APIs, including pagination, request limits and authorisation.

The project outcome

The Microsoft Azure Data Platform is fully automated and generates daily data reports. And the data warehouse provides a logical, structured and accessible source of clean and unified data. Thereby allowing business users to also create ad hoc reports on demand.

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